Helping Female Veterans One “Angel” At A Time …

ANGELS ON THE GROUND are OPERATION120’s honored and admired group of active women that will serve as Ambassadors in the community. They are individuals who see the opportunity for transitional change in our community.  Female Veterans need our help in ways that have, till now, gone unnoticed. Right here in Palm Beach County, we need “Angels” who are energized by a common goal to increase awareness and support for female veterans in need.  As passionate champions, with a heart-centered focus, they value the opportunity to commit their time, energy and resources to provide for the immediate and long-term needs, safety and stability of Female Veterans.

ANGELS ON THE GROUND cannot ignore the need they see to champion veteran women, who have gladly risked family, injury & death to protect all Americans who depended on them for their safety and protection. The unique individuals we seek believe it is never “if” they can help and facilitate change for good, but “when and how”.

ANGELS ON THE GROUND are action oriented and guided by their core values to give back.  They see their own values as aligned with Operation120’s core values and goals.  These “Angels on The Ground” truly believe that an organized, authentic desire to give back enriches their own lives, and the lives of everyone around them.  Our “Angels” know in their heart and soul that their committed, positive support and actions toward bettering the lives of Female Veterans creates a momentum for good that cannot be stopped or underestimated!

Listed below are some of the in-kind donations that our angels can provide but not limited to:

  • Appliances

  • Baby/Bridal Showers

  • Clothing

  • Diapers

  • Food

  • Hair cuts

  • Holiday Meals

  • Household items

  • School supplies

  • Toiletries

  • Toys

Please join us in this pursuit…

To learn more or to sign up, please contact: