OPERATION120 AMBASSADORS are well-informed representatives of the organization who generate awareness of the charity by educating others of our valuable mission, encourage attendance to our events, assist with fundraising, suggest potential new Ambassadors, volunteers, grant opportunities and recruiting others to join us in “Honoring Female Military Veterans Who Have Served!”

Our Military Armed Forces and their families have given up so much to serve us! Let’s give back!  We would be thrilled to have your commitment in “HONORING FEMALE MILITARY VETERANS WHO HAVE SERVED!”  For more information on how you can become an Ambassador, please contact Elida Barrios, Executive Director at

Operation120 recognizes these individuals in perpetuity for their generosity and continued support

  • Jeanette Callahan

  • Bill Lloyd

  • Bill Whitehouse

  • Warley Vital

  • Steve Ginsburg

  • Rhonda Sasser

  • Mike “Ziggy” Zeigler

  • Jason Miller

  • Shari Haskins

  • W. Kip Speyer

  • Barbara Socher